What is Natural Flux?

 PICT1906Art is ever changing, reflecting both the world we see around us and allowing access into a world unseen. Natural Flux is a novel insight into the ever changing nature of bonsai, set in a contemporary environment and combining many different media to re-evaluate how we look at nature and our relationship with it.

Bonsai as an art form is often misunderstood  and accused of being too traditional by people both inside and out of the bonsai community. In this project, starting with a unique exhibition to be held at the Brick Lane Gallery, the natural art form will be looked at with an innovative eye and taking inspiration from other media to create something which breaks new ground and is accessible to the uninitiated.

What Natural Flux is proposing to do is the continuation of an idea which dates back over 150 years in Japanese bonsai, asking artists and craftsmen, particularly talented ceramicists, to make something which can be used in the medium of bonsai to create something beautiful.  Natural Flux will combine bonsai artistry with ceramics, metalwork, photography, sculpture and graphic art to create a unique and never before seen exhibition which is intended to introduce bonsai to a wider audience.

 kbielicki_Rain Tree_001

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