Agnes Jones

As an artist blacksmith, I am constantly aware of the struggle between the functional and the
sculptural. By scaling sketches up into wire and steel, they retain the exciting feel and energy of the
original drawings. However, I enjoy making work which has a use, leading to the surprise
realisation of a metal drawing with a functional purpose. Inspiration comes from a wide range of
sources, from buildings and architectural forms, to pigeons, flowers and plants. Each drawing has a
life and character brought out by the use of a single line running through the piece, an approach
which works across both wire and blacksmithed work. I work primarily to commission, so the
location and areas surrounding each piece is important, as the work interacts with the shapes,
movements and environment of its location.

Agnes Jones’ work is an intriguing mix of the functional and the sculptural. Using metal as a
medium for drawing, she manipulates steel bars and wire into large-scale sketches. But these
sketches are also functional, whether they’re for small objects like candlesticks and lampshades, to
large gates and railings. In Chinese sculpture, a single line running through a piece of work allows it
come alive before your eyes. She uses this technique to bring life to drawings of plants, birds and
buildings. As she works mainly to commission, each piece is designed to fit perfectly into its
surroundings, interacting with the space around it.


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