A new addition

A late but very welcome addition to the Natural Flux project is the ceramic and concrete artist Jo Woffinden.  This is an exciting development and personally I am looking forwards to working with her as it her work will fit perfectly with bonsai.  This is unsurprising given her heavily Japanese influenced background.

It is a shame that Jo’s involvement has come so late but this is proof that in some way the idea behind Natural flux is working, to search out new possibilities and opportunities for combining bonsai with contemporary art.

In her own words…

I’m a ceramics and concrete specialist based in London and create objects that challenge perceptions of form, space and materiality.  My work is inspired by contemporary and traditional architecture and research I carried out in Asia.  Through combining subtle tensions between soft curves, mechanical edges and natural surface textures I aim to create organic geometry.

Japanese modes of thinking and design have a deep influence on my practice.  I lived in Japan for 4 years, where I established a ceramics studio and trained in the tea ceremony.   I have recently started to work with concrete to capture the raw materiality and the rich colours and textures of the beautiful clay that I used in Shigaraki, Japan.  I am excited and curious to be part of the Natural Flux show.

Please visit www.jowoffinden.com