Ready for launch…


After a relatively good summer wasting, working hard on various projects, time has been focused onto the creation of this website.  This is planned as a showcase for the artists involved in Natural Flux and also as an explanation as to the meaning of bonsai in a modern world.

This whole project is an experiment in accelerated evolution, to force an issue which has been been slowly bubbling away at the back of my mind.  How does a traditional art form like bonsai relate to the modern world, especially the multi cultural and eclectic art community in London and then by extension the rest of the world?

Throughout my career as a solo bonsai artist I have been putting into practice that which I learnt in Japan as an apprentice and contrary to preconceptions, that was not based entirely in rigid conformity and in a state of complete artistic or cultural stagnation.  I was told that in order to make it meaningful, it had to be made relevant and made from the heart.

And so, I find myself  here, ready for lift off…onwards and upwards.  Hopefully over the course of the next few months running up to the exhibition in November and then further on you will see bonsai, blacksmithery, sculpture, photography and ceramic art that is not only meaningful, relevant and made from the heart but also beautiful.

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  1. Peter, having met you and seen you at work, I am completely convinced your trees are “made” from your heart, like you have been taught.
    They deserve to be exhibited and shown to the eclectic art community of London (…your words) and lucky are the visitors.
    Best of success!