An overview of the exhibition

If you are waiting in anticipation of the show and do not want to know the scores, then please turn away now.  For those who are not able to attend, then here is an overview of the majority of the trees in the show and some overall shots.

The idea of the exhibition is to introduce people to the beauty of bonsai, and not necessarily the highest end trees in the world.  There are a range of trees, varieties, ages and styles.  To some in the bonsai community, trees may look unworked or young.  This is deliberate.  Some people may see dirty or fallen leaves, again, this is deliberate.  Everything about the show has been carefully thought out and done with a purpose in mind, from the positioning of the objects to the colour co-ordination and the views around the gallery.  Some of the combinations work very well. Some are not as successful and may not be to everyone’s taste.  The sculptures add an accent of the abstract and the possibilities of bonsai as a medium.

These are not professionally taken photographs and some angles cannot truly represent what is a three-dimensional art, so with your understanding, please enjoy…the first Natural Flux exhibition. You can see more on our blog if you want to.

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  1. Very refreshing look at the art. Very good exhibition which I was unfortunately unable to attend. Those Clare Wakefield pots are to die for!
    Thanks for showing